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Why are there always color differences on the printing?

Why are there always color differences on the printing?


Color differences is a widely existed problem in printing industry. No matter how hard the factory tried to eliminate the differences, the problem is still inevitable. So why this happen? And what can we do for this problem?


Usually, when designer create the design on their computer, they will output it into PDF file or Adobe Illustrator file and send it to factory. But it shows difference from the factory computer s screen and designers. To prove it, We can use 2 phones to take photos and will see the differences. This is the first difference part.


When factory receive the design, they will start to adjust the color on the cloth as per what they see on the screen. So this is the 2nd difference part. Even same color will give people an illusion that they are not same when its on cloth and screen. But the worker will try bet to eliminate the difference for sure.


So above its one of the main factors that will cause this problem. Others like printing material, printing temperature, different production series and machines etc will cause such problem as well. So our solution is we printing a color swatches and send to customer check. Based on their feedback, we will adjust it until the color is approved. Thats the common way to solve this problem. Printing T shirts, Caps, Bags, hoodies, POLO, we will meet this problem frequently, so need to know this knowledge in advance, especially you are unfamiliar with printings.



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